Damon #2 (Office)

Scene is unfinished…written as a bribe piece for the DABWAHA.  Unsure if I’ll get around to finishing it, but here is what as written prior to the contest.  

Scene takes place in Kit’s office, prior to things going to shit.

She flipped the lock and I felt that low level burn I’d come to associate with magic.  The wards were up. Good enough.

She turned to face me and I did the one thing I had to do…I gave into the urge and I tore that fucking shirt off her. She smelled of another man and I knew it was from work–I knew her job, knew the kind of shit she had to do, but the smell of another man on her skin had the animal inside me snarling.

And it made me ache.  I wanted to be the one who was there for her, helping her do whatever she needed done and I couldn’t be.

But I could do this.  Could touch her now, could have her with me.  Brushing the shreds of the shirt off her, I reached for her and pulled her against me.  She was pale and soft and she sighed under my hands.

“Baby girl,” I whispered, mindless and desperate.  She shivered against me as I pressed my mouth to the mark on her neck.

She felt small but so incredibly strong, soft but steel ran through her core and she drove me out of my mind.  I lifted her up and braced her against the door at her back. She arched against me and I could feel the heat of her, all wet and sweet and that alone had me ready to come.  She moved again and my dick pulsed.  ”Be still,” I muttered against her mouth. Be still or I’m going to embarrass myself…  The soft, subtle scent of her flooded my head, but there was also something else.  The cloying, dark thread of a male.  Magic.  Fowled. Wrong.  It clung to her, pissed me off.   Tearing the sturdy, solid material of her pants away helped.  Getting her naked help even more.  Feeling her wrapped around my dick would be the best thing yet.

“I don’t ever want you wearing those clothes again.”  Not that it was an issue.  The clothes were trashed.

I watched her eyes, that sharp, cunning green, soft now with want…