Final Protocol

Out Now
2017“A delegate killed Rashel,” I said slowly, thinking of the reptilian assassin.  I had known her and if I could have called anybody a friend, it would have been her.  Both of us had been stolen away from our lives, forced into this.  Both of us hated Gold, even as he managed to pull us into his awful spell.

“He’s not your typical delegate.  He didn’t live a soft politician’s life and he isn’t a man to be trifled with.”  He passed a hand over the panel in front of him and the schematics disappeared.  “This job is top priority and the reward, if you complete it, is higher than anything you’ve ever known.”

I lifted a brow.  “Money doesn’t interest me.”

“It never has.”  He crossed his arms over his chest the intense look on his face unsettled me, so very badly.

Bracing my hands on the panel in front of me, I eyed him narrowly. “Why don’t you just tell me what you have in mind, Gold?  I’m tired, I’m hungry and I’ve got a job to plan.  There isn’t that much time for games.”

“There’s always time for games,” he murmured.  His gaze locked on my face as he came around the com center and stopped in front of me.  He was so close, I could smell the subtle scent he liked to wear, so close I could see the striations of dark brown spiking out from his irises.  So close, I could draw my blade and shove it into his gut, feel the hot pulse of his blood spilling over my hands.

A smile canted up the corner of his lips.  “You’ll be free, Silence.”

I blinked at him.

He leaned in closer and put his mouth against my ear.  “This one task, this nearly impossible task.  Complete it and I’ll deactivate your seal. You will be free. Of me. Of everything.  That debt fulfilled.”

“It was never my debt,” I said, my voice a ragged snarl as I jerked away from him.

“A debt is a debt.”  He shrugged, unperturbed.  “And it must be paid.  This one final task and you’re free.”

He was lying.  He was fucking with me, toying with me.  He had to be. Slowly, I lifted my head, studied his eyes.

But the look in them was serious, almost deadly so.

My gut went tight and hot and something that might have anticipation burned inside me.


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