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I’m in audio…and I think I forgot to tell you. Also…Damon

Okay, I am not in audio.

Kit is.  Audible has the first five books of the Kit Colbana series in audio and you can grab them all up now.

Have you been following the information about my Patreon?

What's a patron

I published my patron exclusive short story a few days ago, a short story told from Damon’s POV in the week leading up to the events that took place in Blade Song.

The patrons loved it.  Right now, it is a patron exclusive story, but patron support starts at only $1 if you’re interested. Pledges are collected at the end of the month and rewards go out after that.

If you’d like to check the page out, you can go here. You can read the first chapter here and the purpose behind the patreon here.


I got the first look at the draft of HAUNTED BLADE, Book #6 in the Colbana Files.  I want a few adjustments made, then I’ll start figuring out how to post it.

For now….


Diva is on the cover again.  She’s beautiful and a perfect Kit.

I’m finally on a groove with this one and I want to finish it this month, I hope.  If that happens, we can look at an August or September release date.