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Book tour and Broken Blade Qs

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Giving away a clouded leopard (and an ‘adopted’ one)…from WWF.  Basically, the funds help to go protect animals like the big cats and their habitats.  It’s a symbolic adoption, just keep in mind. 😉  There’ also a cuff bracelet that makes me think of Kit. If you want to enter for a chance to win, join in on the blog tour.  Full list here

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Fab Fantasy Fiction 1/6/2014 Interview
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Some Qs on Broken Blade, from email, FB, etc

When is the next one/is this the last one?

No, it’s the not the last one.  Book 4 has been fighting me and I wasn’t able to figure out an excerpt to put in the back because I didn’t know if it would change or not.  The title will either be Forged Blade or Edged Blade.

It will probably be out in 2015.


Why so long? You only write one book a year?

If I don’t want the quality to suffer, that’s the quickest I can put them out. I actually write several books a year ~ under my main name ~ and the majority of them are contracted works, meaning I’ve already signed contracts and they have deadlines.  As the Colbana books are still a side project, they are done when I’m able to work on them.  I don’t want to rush them and the stories suffer for it, nor am I going to neglect my family to try to put them out more often. There are only so many hours in a day that I can work.  I hope you understand.


I’d love to have these in audio!

Trust me, so would I.  But that isn’t up to me.  Self-pubbed stuff doesn’t often get picked up.


Is it coming out in print?

Yes, and it’s totally my fault it hasn’t been released already.  Sadly, my laptop starting acting up a few weeks ago and I was holding it together until the end of the year.

I did start working on getting the manuscript loaded on Createspace and left it just in a draft status of sorts.  Using the platform on Createspace requires waiting until you’re ready to release the book.  It looks like there’s another option that’s recently been made available for preorders of sorts, but it looks like a hoop-jumping experience to say the least plus I have to either connect a couple of accounts or open a new account somewhere.  It’s not simple, I can tell that much.

Anyway, my tech issues (ie: laptop really messing up and my new one being a peice of crap that I had to return) all happened the same time I was trying to get it loaded so it would be ready to release this week. Needless to say, it didn’t happen.

The good news is I have everything loaded, the proof part is done (for the most part) so it shouldn’t be long before it’s ready to order.

I’m really sorry it’s taking this long. I know it’s frustrating, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

 Are you done tormenting Kit?

FYI…I don’t mention anything specific, but I do go into some vague detail here.  Just be warned.  I’m addressing this because the Q has come at me several times.

I didn’t set out to torment Kit. I write her the way she came to me in my head…and despite what people may think, the events in Night Blade threw me for a loop as well. I’m not somebody who sits out and plots books out by the chapter and I see a rough destination, and with these, I see a rough series arc.

I knew there would be a confrontation between Kit and the bastard in book 2.  I didn’t see it happening like that.  I spent the last few chapters in tears.  I’m the narrator of these books and I’m just telling Kit’s story…as I see it playing out in my my head.

Kit is messed up, though, even aside from what happened in book 2.  She sees all of her worth in her sword.  That’s not who–or what–she is, but she wasn’t going to realize that until she was forced to.  No, that doesn’t mean I wrote book 2 so I could kick her while she was down.  Shitty things happen even in fiction.  Kit’s probably my favorite of all my characters and what I’d like is to see her happy. She’s going to get that way, but she needs to figure out all the cracks she has inside, which she finally started to see in book 3.  Until you see where the cracks are, you can’t fix them. That’s where she’s at now.

Plus, I don’t believe in insta-fix.  That doesn’t happen in real life. She went through a nightmare in book 2 and if she went tra-la-la back into life?  That would be BS.

Night Blade Broken Blade were probably the roughest, as far as what happens to her.  At least I hope.



I’ve only read your J.C. books…I can’t wait to try your Shiloh books.

Okay, so this isn’t a question I get so much as a comment I keep getting, and I do wanna warn people…well, first, thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it… 😉  But keep in mind, Shiloh and J.C. don’t write exactly the same sort of books.  If you like romance, paranormal romance, erotic romance, then we’re all good…that’s what Shiloh writes.  A lot of my earlier ones are very heavy on the erotic.

I think I covered most of the ones that I’ve gotten…I think. O.o


Thanks for all the lovely comments and the interest and the emails.  You all rock.

Broken Blade…now available

BrokenBlade72 (1)


Swiped the links below from my street team leader’s blog. 🙂
There’s a blog tour kicking off.  I’ll be visiting the following blogs…

(totally swiped from my street team leader Kelly)
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The tour lasts for the next week or so and there are prizes…


The tour lasts for the next week or so and there are prizes. 🙂

“You want to ask Damon?”

The knot in my throat was about the size of the EpcotCenter, lodged there. Choking me. Shooting to my feet, I crossed the room to the small bar area. There was a stock of packaged water and I needed something. “Sure. You can have him call me when he gets in—”

The prickle of heat that I’d felt from Doyle was nothing like the wave of it that rolled across of my skin in the next moment. Gripping my water in my hand, I stared at the bar. “Damon’s in the Lair, isn’t he?”

“Yeah.” Doyle stayed on the couch. I could see him from the corner of my eye and he was watching me.

I could see the concealed entrance where we’d entered. I hadn’t been aware of it until Doyle had brought me through just moments earlier. As the wave of heat grew stronger and hotter, I tried to decide. Did I run for it?

Doyle wouldn’t stop me. I knew that.

Not his fault.

Closing my eyes, I twisted the top of my water and lifted it to my lips.


My heart raced. It had been three weeks since I’d seen him. It seemed like longer. But it wasn’t long enough. I couldn’t—

The door opened. My hand convulsed on the water and the plastic crumpled. Lowering my gaze, I stared at the water and sighed. Dumping it in the recycler, I dried my hands off. I was surprised to see they weren’t shaking. That was nice, I thought. At least I could face him without showing how much of a mess I was.

He’d know, of course.

Damon always knew.

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Snippet… Broken Blade

BrokenBlade300Just a little over a day until Broken Blade releases…here’s a short snippet.



Damon’s gaze rolled between storm-cloud gray and green-gold.

The cat inside warred with the man and I didn’t know which one was going to take control at the moment.

Magic rolled around Justin as he glared at the shifter standing in the door and for the first time, I noticed that the silver on his sleeves was sparking. Not sparkling, but sparking, like it was shooting off energy.  It wasn’t just a trick of the light, either.

A growl trickled out of Damon’s throat as he stared at Justin.

Justin curled his lip at him.  “You want to go a round or two, pussy cat?”

I reached for the gun at my thigh and drew it. It wouldn’t kill Damon. I knew that. It would probably do a hell of a lot of damage to Justin, but unless I had it loaded with pure iron bullets—and I didn’t—it would only slow the witch down. Still, I didn’t want to hurt them. Well, I didn’t think I wanted to.

So I aimed at the floor between them and pulled the trigger. It was concrete under the carpet and while it tore the carpet up to hell and back, the floor itself wasn’t torn up too bad.  Maybe they had injuries from the shrapnel.  That thought made me feel better.

And now I had their attention.

“I’m not doing this,” I said quietly as I lowered the Desert Eagle. A pang of regret rolled through me. The gun just wasn’t as…poetic as my blade. But nobody could hear a blade the way they heard a mean-ass bitch like a Desert Eagle.

Justin shot a look at the floor and then at my gun. Damon just stared at him, face impassive. I crossed over to my desk and settled down, keeping the Eagle in my right hand. “If the two of you wanted to have a go, you could have done it without me in the picture. It’s been months and I’m sure you two can figure out how to track each other down. Right now, I’ve got a job to do and I don’t give a flying fuck what your problems are with each other.”



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Want a copy of Broken Blade

As promised, I’m going to give away an ARC of Broken Blade.  Maybe more than one.  Depends on how much interest there is.  If there are a lot of comments entries, I’ll give away more than one. 🙂

BrokenBlade72 (1)


FYI, in order to follow this story, you really do need to read the other books in the series.  The book’s plot will work on it’s own, but to really get what Kit is struggling with, you need to know what happened in Night Blade.  It’s on sale for $1.99 through the end of the year.

To enter to win the ARC, just enter via the widget.  My comments are messed up and I dunno know why. Contest closes midnight 12/29. leave a comment below.  I’ll leave this thread open for a few days and then draw the winners.  FYI, you have to check back to see if you’ve won.  For other rules, see the disclaimer. No reviews are necessary, but of course, if you feel so inclined, they would be appreciated. 🙂

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I’ll post the winners names probably on/around Tuesday.

Broken Blade…snippet!

Snippet time… just a couple of weeks now!

Nothing but that steady pulse of magic. Okay. I sliced it open and set my knife aside, blowing out a breath. “I feel like an—” I started to say as I reached inside to pull out the document inside.

I never managed to finish the sentence because magic shrieked, splitting the relative quiet of the morning with a wail like a dying banshee.

Hurling the thing down, I shoved back from my desk and braced myself. Magic built around us, harder, higher, hotter.  Tighter—somehow, the feel of the magic grew tighter, wrapping around us like a bubble. Oh, hell, I hope that bubble didn’t pop with us inside.

I put myself at Justin’s side, noting yet again that the silver on his sleeves had started to spark. His dreads whipped around in an unseen wind. “What the hell is this?” I asked, but my voice was lost in the magic maelstrom.

“Old magic,” he shouted. “Not felt anything like it in a while. Just stay by me.”

I felt the odd, static warmth of his magic wrap around me—it had a strange, metallic sort of feel and made me think of blades clashing, shields flashing in the morning sun.

The two magics built and built—that foreign presence that I didn’t like at all and Justin’s familiar magic, like a giant warrior mantling over us, shield lifted and ready.

And then, as abruptly as it had started, it died. It didn’t fade; it just ended.

Justin cut a dark look my way and snapped, “Next time I tell you there’s too much magic to trust to a charm, will you listen? You know blades. I know magic and—”

I put a hand on his arm.

Somebody was coming.

I could hear her.

Felt each footstep like an echo on my soul.

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Broken Blade snippet

Just a few more weeks… 🙂


BrokenBlade72 (1)


“You going to be late?” she asked softly.

“I don’t know. I—”

Something hit the wards with enough force that the very building shook. I should be used to it, because it had been happening every damned day since it had first occurred a few days earlier.

But this felt different.



And I could feel the wards giving under the blows.

Blue lightning whipped around the room. It hit again and the lightning turned into a frenzy. Again. Again. Again—

“What the fuck?” I whispered. I flexed my hand and longed for the weight of my blade. She wasn’t there, though, and I had to make do with the gun. Mesmerized, I stared at it, barely even aware I’d drawn it. Why was I holding the damn gun?


I jerked my head to look at TJ.

She was watching me sadly. “He’s hurting, too, Kit. Don’t hate me too much. I’m just trying to help you, kid.”


It hit me then and I lunged for the back door.

Another frenzy of lightning hit and then the ward shattered with a groan. Bits and pieces of magic fell to the earth, sparkling in the air. I could see them from the corner of my eyes and the death of the ward sucked the air out of me. If I’d moved a few seconds sooner, I would have gotten away.

But I was sensitive to magic and the power of the ward death’s left me reeling. As I stumbled against the bar, I was painfully aware of the roar echoing through the bar.

The doors opened and spat Damon’s bloodied form at my feet.

I backed up, determined to get something between us.

Something. TJ. Goliath. Anything or anybody.

But TJ had disappeared.

And I was alone with Damon.


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Broken Blade snippet…



BrokenBlade72 (1)


Dressed too nice for Wolf Haven and that had my instincts humming. As he started for the bar, I turned my attention back to TJ, still keeping half of my attention tuned on the newcomer. He didn’t belong in Wolf Haven. Didn’t belong here at all.

That right there had me wary. People didn’t come to Wolf Haven just for the ambience. Either they came because they wanted to hide, because they had no place left to go…or because they were looking for something. Somebody.

And automatically, even though it did me no good, I flexed my wrist.

“So what did Sexy-Sexy want?” TJ asked.

“You realize he has a name, right?” I asked, although I didn’t know why I bothered. If TJ had decided she was going to call him Sexy-Sexy, then Justin might as well add that to his Banner ID. “Look, he’s just aggravating me. I pissed him off. He pissed me off. End of story.”

“What’s he want?” TJ asked.

“Shit. What is this, twenty questions?” I glared at her and then looked at the werecat sitting at the bar, regarding us with unreadable eyes. “What do you want?”

“Redcat whiskey. Neat.”

I sighed and got it for him. High-end stuff like that never used to be served here, but over the past month, more and more weres were showing up, asking for it.

TJ believed in supply and demand.

I dumped it in front of him as TJ said, “He ain’t wrong, you know.”

“TJ. Drop it.”

“This isn’t your place anymore.”

“TJ…” I picked up the bottle of Redcat and turned to face her. “If you don’t drop it, I’m dropping this.”

Her eyes narrowed on my face. “That shit costs a thousand a case. If you drop it, I’ll beat it out of your ass.”

Somewhere out in the bar, somebody growled. Swinging my head around, I glared out over the bar and tried to figure out where it had come from. The wolf still sitting at the bar? The cat? What the hell—?

Both of them seemed fixated on their drinks and it had seemed too faint to have come from so close.

Brushing it aside, I switched my attention back to TJ. “You are so full of shit, it’s amazing you don’t reek of it. You won’t touch me and you know it. Now are you dropping the discussion or am I dropping more than a hundred bucks worth of booze?” I waggled the bottle in the air and held her gaze. She might be bluffing, but I wasn’t. Maybe it made me childish, but I’d decided a little bit of regression felt good. I hadn’t felt good in a long while.

“You can’t hide forever, Kitty.” She blew out a sigh and then shrugged. “You know that.”

“I don’t plan to.” I put the Redcat back on the shelf and washed my hands. “I’ll die sooner or later. That’s good enough for me.”