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Broken Blade…snippet!

Snippet time… just a couple of weeks now!

Nothing but that steady pulse of magic. Okay. I sliced it open and set my knife aside, blowing out a breath. “I feel like an—” I started to say as I reached inside to pull out the document inside.

I never managed to finish the sentence because magic shrieked, splitting the relative quiet of the morning with a wail like a dying banshee.

Hurling the thing down, I shoved back from my desk and braced myself. Magic built around us, harder, higher, hotter.  Tighter—somehow, the feel of the magic grew tighter, wrapping around us like a bubble. Oh, hell, I hope that bubble didn’t pop with us inside.

I put myself at Justin’s side, noting yet again that the silver on his sleeves had started to spark. His dreads whipped around in an unseen wind. “What the hell is this?” I asked, but my voice was lost in the magic maelstrom.

“Old magic,” he shouted. “Not felt anything like it in a while. Just stay by me.”

I felt the odd, static warmth of his magic wrap around me—it had a strange, metallic sort of feel and made me think of blades clashing, shields flashing in the morning sun.

The two magics built and built—that foreign presence that I didn’t like at all and Justin’s familiar magic, like a giant warrior mantling over us, shield lifted and ready.

And then, as abruptly as it had started, it died. It didn’t fade; it just ended.

Justin cut a dark look my way and snapped, “Next time I tell you there’s too much magic to trust to a charm, will you listen? You know blades. I know magic and—”

I put a hand on his arm.

Somebody was coming.

I could hear her.

Felt each footstep like an echo on my soul.

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Blade Song & Night Blade are on sale… $1.99

On sale for the next few weeks.  🙂

Blade Song

book 1

Kit Colbana—half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades—has a new job: track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters. It should be a piece of cake.

So why is she so nervous? It probably has something to do with the insanity that happens when you deal with shifters—especially sexy ones who come bearing promises of easy jobs and easier money.

Or maybe it’s all the other missing kids that Kit discovers while working the case, or the way her gut keeps screaming she’s gotten in over her head. Or maybe it’s because if she fails—she’s dead.

If she can stay just one step ahead, she should be okay. Maybe she’ll even live long to collect her fee…

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Night Blade

book 2

Kit Colbana is always biting off more than she can chew. She has a knack for finding trouble. This time, though, trouble finds her. Someone from her past drops a case into her lap that she just can’t refuse…literally.

People on the Council are dying left and right and she’s been requested to investigate the deaths. The number one suspect? Her lover, Damon. If she doesn’t clear his name, he gets a death sentence. Even if she succeeds? They still might try to execute him. Oh, and she’s not allowed to tell him about the case, either.

The stakes are high this time around, higher than they’ve ever been. Kit may be forced to pay the ultimate price to save her lover’s life…a price that could destroy her and everything she loves.

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Mini snippet

I wanna post a longer one, but it’s almost December and that’s when it’s really snippet time.

Touching the tip of my finger to the leopard, I bit back a sigh. Maybe the dreams about him weren’t exactly nightmares, but this was still something that had broken me. It was time to start trying to put the pieces of myself back together.

Qs on Reviews & Broken Blade

So in the past few weeks, I’ve kinda been deluged with Qs & emails about BROKEN BLADE, reviews, etc.

I’m going to answer the ones I’m being asked the most here…and if you get referred here, it’s cuz I’m getting asked the same Qs 😉  and my deadlines are murderizing me right now.  Trying to meet those and still carve out time to work on FORGED BLADE, so bear with me.

Will there be review copies of BROKEN BLADE

Yes.  It will be on Net Galley.

It’s due out in two months.  Why isn’t it up yet?

Because I chose to wait.  I chose not put it up until a little later because of spoiler-y like material.

Do you have a reviewer list?

Not really.  There are a few that I do send out to, but it’s not really a list.  I’m not that organized.

How can I make sure to get a review copy?

Eh, there’s probably not a way.  If you’re signed up with Net Galley, that’s your best bet.  I don’t handle the review copies.  My distribution company handles that.  If you are posting reviews to Net Galley, etc, that is the sort of they look for, but I don’t handle that.  🙂  That’s why I use them… takes a lot of the work out of my hands so I can write moar books.

I’m not a reviewer. Is there anything you’ll do so I can try to get one?

I don’t know.  I usually try to do a giveaway or two, but I can’t make any promises.  This book will be out right after the holidays and that is usually a pretty hectic time of year, but I’ll try.

Are there more books coming?

I’m working on FORGED BLADE as time allows.  Kit and Damon are being stubborn.  I want to pound their heads against hard, sharp rocks repeatedly.

End of summer… sale prices end soon

Blade Song & Night Blade were both marked down for the summer… the prices change on 8/31.

If you haven’t read them, but wanna… now is the time. 🙂

Blade Song is $1.99

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Night Blade is $2.99

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there was a promo thing on Blade Song for BookBub, thus the differences.

If you haven’t tried them and wanna, now is a good time.


Blade Song

So when I first wrote Blade Song, it went through several rounds edits, including a couple of beta readers, but the bottom line is, I can’t get the treatment that I’d be getting on my NY titles.  I did the best I could, but my eyes can’t pick up the little missing words–I see what I think is there.  The editors I used picked up a crap-ton, literally-trust me, you should the way I turn a book in.

But I decided I was going to reach out to the beta readers I found for Broken Blade and see if I couldn’t clean Blade Song up some more.

So that’s done.  The cleaned up file is now on Smashwords, and it will be redistributed to Amazon, B&N, etc over the coming weeks.

I’m also slowly going to tidy up the other selfpub books I’ve got out there, as time allows.

I only cleaned up the files, though–typos, etc.  There was nothing added to the books.

If you haven’t read it and would like to, there is a coupon, making the book $2.00.

The coupon code is WR96X.  You can buy it here.