This is a mini-version of the full FAQ from the Shiloh site, as well as a few specific to J.C.

Are you really only writing one Kit book a year?

I’m afraid so.  My workload only allows for so much writing time.  If I want to keep quality up, I have to be realistic.  I hope you understand.

When is the next Kit book due out?

Look for Edged Blade in early 2015.  I don’t have a firm date yet, but I’ll post it to the website once I have it.

What’s the deal with comments?  Why can’t I comment?

You can totally comment…over at Shiloh’s site.  I had to streamline things so I wasn’t maintaining/juggling two sites/blogs.   So I merged the blogs.  Comment away… here.

What’s the deal with the pen name?!?

Necessity, basically.  My publication schedule has gotten rather complicated and it’s a miracle this didn’t happen before now.  But I’m juggling several different publishers now and even more genres.  I’m writing for Samhain, Berkley, St. Martins, and I still occasionally have stories with Ellora’s Cave and I do solo projects on my own.  Basically, I write like a hyped-up bunny on speed.  I’m working on a big, and I mean BIG project and that project will be easier to do if I don’t have much coming out all at once.  So…the name change.

Why J.C. Daniels?

It’s a play off the names of some people very, very important to me…my kids.

When is book 4 due out?

Probably in 2015.  I can only write so fast and there are other projects on my plate.  At this point, I plan on trying to do one Kit book a year, but I’m thinking about doing short stories or novellas.  There is one in the works now, but I’m not sure when it will be finished.

Who is this chick Nicole that I see on your blog or facebook page that answers questions for you sometimes?

That’s Nicole–my sanity saver.  Some of you who have read my blog or hang out at the Facebook page a lot might have noticed that sometimes I get asked the same questions a lot-and sometimes I get asked questions that I’d already answered within the blog post.  I know when people are in a rush, it’s easy to overlook things.  But addressing questions that I’ve already answered takes away time from writing and I’m going to have some pretty monstrous deadlines coming at me soon.

Nicole is going to be helping with this sort of thing, both at my blog and on facebook, freeing up some time for me, and also saving my sanity so I’m not stressing over it, as well as dealing with emails when I’m backlogged.  This is something that I knew I’d eventually have to do-my brain is about to explode, and I might as well do this now so I don’t have to clean gray matter from the office walls.

I’m a reviewer and would like to review your books.  Can I contact you?

Aside from occasional call for reviewers when I have ARCs on my blog or the occasional blogger/review site that I will contact directly, I no longer handle sending out books for reviews.  Review requests must go through my publishers.

Ellora’s Cave | Samhain Publishing | Berkley

If you’re interested in reviewing my self-published works, please contact Nicole.(grimmhunter.shilohwalker at gmail.com)

Please note, due to the number of emails I receive and the fact that my publishers handle reviews, I’m unable to respond to review requests personally.

Thanks for understanding.

I would like to submit my book to you for a review. How may I do that?

Umm… you can’t.  I’m not a reviewer.  And I’m getting a lot of these requests lately, too. I’m not a reviewer.  Sorry!

Do you ever do cover quotes/provide critiques?

Please direct all requests through my agent, Irene Goodman.

Do you do bookplates/autographed bookmarks?

I’m afraid not.  For the past eight years, I’ve dealt with issues with carpal tunnel and other associated repetitive stress issues.   Although I’ve had surgeries to correct it, I still have trouble and it’s best if I limit my handwriting to what’s absolutely necessary on a day to day basis and the occasional booksigning.  I hope you understand.

While I don’t sign bookmarks, I do on occasion keep some handy.   It’s not often, though.  If you’re interested, you can email me:

When and if I have them available, I’m happy to send readers one or two, providing readers send a SASE envelope.

Addy is Shiloh Walker, PO Box 976, Jeffersonville, IN47131