Blade Song is available in trade paperback again. Some people have/had it priced at $60-$90 on Amazon. Eek. Not necessary. It wasn’t out of print permanently. It was originally published through a small publishing house owned by a friend of mine, because I didn’t want to handle i~I got the rights back and it’s back in print now for a whopping $9.99. It’s only on Amazon right now, but over the next month or so, it will matriculate through Amazon/Createspace’s system and be available be libraries, etc.

The ISBN is  978-1500343750 and it’s up at Amazon now.



Excitement!  I’m speaking at my FIRST EVER COMIC EXPO!

Come see me!

Cincinnati Comic Expo
Cincinnati, Oh
September 19-21
Click on link for panel info.
Signing Saturday at 2pm

I’ll have swag and I’m selling the Kit books and stuff.  The panel time and info is listed above, and I’ll be signing & selling my Kit books at 2pm.

Also, please see the updated appearances schedule down in the sidebar. 🙂