So in the past few weeks, I’ve kinda been deluged with Qs & emails about BROKEN BLADE, reviews, etc.

I’m going to answer the ones I’m being asked the most here…and if you get referred here, it’s cuz I’m getting asked the same Qs 😉  and my deadlines are murderizing me right now.  Trying to meet those and still carve out time to work on FORGED BLADE, so bear with me.

Will there be review copies of BROKEN BLADE

Yes.  It will be on Net Galley.

It’s due out in two months.  Why isn’t it up yet?

Because I chose to wait.  I chose not put it up until a little later because of spoiler-y like material.

Do you have a reviewer list?

Not really.  There are a few that I do send out to, but it’s not really a list.  I’m not that organized.

How can I make sure to get a review copy?

Eh, there’s probably not a way.  If you’re signed up with Net Galley, that’s your best bet.  I don’t handle the review copies.  My distribution company handles that.  If you are posting reviews to Net Galley, etc, that is the sort of they look for, but I don’t handle that.  🙂  That’s why I use them… takes a lot of the work out of my hands so I can write moar books.

I’m not a reviewer. Is there anything you’ll do so I can try to get one?

I don’t know.  I usually try to do a giveaway or two, but I can’t make any promises.  This book will be out right after the holidays and that is usually a pretty hectic time of year, but I’ll try.

Are there more books coming?

I’m working on FORGED BLADE as time allows.  Kit and Damon are being stubborn.  I want to pound their heads against hard, sharp rocks repeatedly.