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Lookit! Excerpt!


Slipping my knife under the top edge, I broke the seal. Then waited.

Nothing but that steady pulse of magic. Okay. I sliced it open and set my knife aside, blowing out a breath. “I feel like an—” I started to say as I reached inside to pull out the document inside.

I never managed to finish the sentence because magic shrieked, splitting the relative quiet of the morning with a wail like a dying banshee.

Hurling the thing down, I shoved back from my desk and braced myself. Magic built around us, harder, higher, hotter. Tighter—somehow, the feel of the magic grew tighter, wrapping around us like a bubble. Oh, hell, I hope that bubble didn’t pop with us inside.

I put myself at Justin’s side, noting yet again that the silver on his sleeves had started to spark. His dreads whipped around in an unseen wind. “What the hell is this?” I asked, but my voice was lost in the magic maelstrom.

“Old magic,” he shouted. “Not felt anything like it in a while. Just stay by me.”

I felt the odd, static warmth of his magic wrap around me—it had a strange, metallic sort of feel and made me think of blades clashing, shields flashing in the morning sun.

The two magics built and built—that foreign presence that I didn’t like at all and Justin’s familiar magic, like a giant warrior mantling over us, shield lifted and ready.

And then, as abruptly as it had started, it died. It didn’t fade; it just ended.

Justin cut a dark look my way and snapped, “Next time I tell you there’s too much magic to trust to a charm, will you listen? You know blades. I know magic and—”

I put a hand on his arm.

Somebody was coming.

I could hear her.

Felt each footstep like an echo on my soul.

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