Until you’ve read NIGHT BLADE.  I’m not kidding! (Yes, it was BLADE SONG that finaled, but people are asking about this particular part of book 2…so…promise kept!)


Stop... you saw the spoiler warning, right?

You saw the warning, right?


This takes place a little before the other POV, posted here

The further you all help me go in the DABWAHA, the more of this I’ll write. And… I might even posted some of BROKEN BLADE.



A fucking fortress.  That was what it looked like.  Made of stone and steel, jutting out against the mountains, like a giant dick.  Maybe Jude was compensating.  And if he wasn’t, he was going to need the compensation soon, because if the kid was right, and she was in there…

I didn’t want to believe it.

If she had been there since then…

Rage shuddered and rolled through me, a living breathing monster, one that lived side by side with the monster I’d be born with.  I knew how to control that beast.  This rage, though, that was harder.

The rage…and the guilt.

I had to push it all aside because I couldn’t function and I couldn’t think and I couldn’t help her if I gave into that.

Not right now.

There would be time for that later.  After she was safe.  And after I’d ripped somebody apart.

Doyle turned to us, his face tight, strained and pale.  He was just a kid, but the past few days had taken a toll, aging him even more.  He’d lived through the kind of nightmare nobody should have to live with and now he’d plunged into another one.

“She’s in there,” he said, his voice too low and too rough.  Stripes came out, darkening his skin before disappearing.  He hadn’t lost control like that around me in a while and I didn’t want to think how bad it had been.

They thought I didn’t know.

You can’t hide shit like that from a leopard.  My hearing is better than even the typical shapeshifter and most shapeshifters have damn good hearing.  Talking in a room five doors down wasn’t going to do much to keep me from listening in, not if I wanted to know what in the fuck they were talking about.

Doyle, somehow, was keyed into Kit. And what she was suffering…he was picking up on.

One of the witches speculated they’d somehow forged a bond when she’d rescued him.

And now, because I wasn’t good enough to protect them, he was suffering along with her.

“You should take a walk.”

The words, quietly spoken, came from my left.

I didn’t look at Chang. Staring up at the fortress, I continued to study it.  I could get inside there.  That wasn’t the problem.

The problem was finding her and getting her out.

I wasn’t under any belief that it would be an easy task.

If I just wanted to go in there and kill, that was doable. Going in there, getting back out with Kit…

My heart felt it had been ripped open—and I was the one responsible for this.  The one promise I’d made her, and I’d broken it.

“You’re not the only one who failed her, Damon.”

I shoved away from the tree.  I didn’t want to listen to this.

It didn’t matter if the clan felt loyalty to her or not.  Maybe they failed her…but I was the one who loved her.  I was the one who’d promised to protect her.

And I’d let her down.