Again, thanks for being so patient.  I can’t undo this or make up for this mess, but I’ve marked the book down $3.99 for the next month… hopefully it helps a little.

After people have had a chance to read Night Blade, I plan to post a nice long except of Broken Blade, but not yet.  It’s got too much that will be spoiler territory, so in a while, I’ll post it and I’ll post more than I normally would to thank you all for being so patient.

Here’s where we stand so far…

These are the messages I’ve been given and hopefully, everything is correct and all the timeframes will be met.

B&N update…file will be live tonight.

B&N is looking into an email to notify the readers who purchased it about the update, but I don’t know if this will happen.

The amazon listing keeps going up and down, but they do have the correct file.  I was told:

It was due to a database refresh, and they were expecting it to complete in 4 hours

That time is pretty much lapsed so hopefully everything will be finished on that end soon. I have no idea what that means, but I know it’s computer/tech related.

Other misc info:

Apple: file up yesterday, price up immediately

Overdrive: file up, price up
Sony: file up, price in process
Kobo: file up, price in process
Baker & Taylor: file being checked, price in process
Amazon: file and price both showing in the back end, still under pursuit

Price up just means they are in the process of getting the price adjusted.  It’s never as easy as pushing a button, right?

Those who already HAVE Night Blade… (or bought it and the file is wrong, actually) email customer service for your respective device/reading apps. ALL of them now have the correct files. Amazon & Kobo are been providing the right files. Kindle can push it to your device. Reader Emma said…>>> “Ok it didn’t work just removing and redownloading but when I contacted amazon via chat they pushed the correct version to me and all good.”

To contact Amazon… go here… (You’ll have to be signed in or this will lead you to a sign-in screen)

To contact BN… go here (offers live chat, email, etc)

Kobo… this page, down on the very bottom right, look for the contact customer care, will offer you three options, pick your poison. 🙂

For the various fixes on devices, see below…

Okay, so as of now, if you haven’t bought NIGHT BLADE, it’s available on Kindle and the file is fine.

ETA: okay, the file comes up and goes down.  I’m told this is related to database issues. Whatever that means… ??? It should be resolved soon.

The problem is those who’ve preordered… I had it preordered and it looks like the ‘updated’ file isn’t available yet. I’ve tried doing the archive thing, removing it from my device, etc, etc…and it’s not doing any good.

If you want to request a refund and buy again, that might be your best bet.

Amazon, Kobo, iBookstores, ARe & Smashwords all have the correct files and BN should have it up by tonight.

iBookstore | Amazon | BN | Kobo | Smashwords | ARe


I was told the process for getting the corrected file is as follows…but I’m still checking for the correct file myself.  If anybody has any luck, let me know.

From what I was told, if you have the book and read via one of the apps (iPad/iPhone)…

Nook: archive, go to archived items, and redownload
Kindle: Remove from device, then redownload
Kobo: archive the book, and then redownload
Apple: delete this copy, go to purchased books bookshelf, redownload

On various readers other than Nook, this should be the process…

all they have to do is delete the book and redownload when the update is live. They don’t need to ask for a refund, or do anything other than redownload the book.

With the Nook:

For B&N, you have to archive, then go into your archive, and redownload.

I’m staying in contact with the distributor and I’ve let them know how frustrating this has been for everybody.

I wish I could fix it but at this point, but even if I attempted to take over and upload the file myself, it would cause problems in the system–the platforms would detect two ‘identical’ files and they’d be flagged and it would slow things down even more as they clarified copyright, etc.

Thanks to all you who have been so patient.  I appreciate it.

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