Well, that’s progress… I guess.  🙁

I’d hoped we’d have this resolved tonight, but no such luck.

I still haven’t heard anything new about other retailers, though… the distributor was contacting Amazon, BN, etc again… we haven’t heard back, so I can’t get you an update.

The new files HAVE been sent out, so it’s a matter of the retailers getting them into the system and out to you  all at this point.

Currently, you can get NIGHT BLADE from Smashwords, iBookstore & All Romance Ebooks.

iBookstore |  Smashwords | ARe

Also, the print file has been finalized.  You can buy it from createspace now and it will be at other channels once it gets through the system.  That’s such a vague term… the system.  In this day and age, it seems like we should be able to push a button and BAM!  It’s done.  But it’s not that easy.  That’s annoying.


Thanks to everybody who has been so understanding. I do appreciate it.