I’ve been told this book requires chocolate and wine and kleenex. I should have included that as a warning.

I’m also told it’s worth it, though.  🙂  Does that help?

Night Blade

Silence swelled up, one of those deafening silences where you’re painfully aware of the ticking of the clock, of every breath you take, of the slightest, smallest sound.

“I’m told one of them got away. Which one?”

I closed my eyes, tried to think. “I don’t know…there was a third, weaker wolf in the background. Nobody I know. I think Bonner was the one Justin killed. Not sure of that guy’s name, but he was strong.”

Damon nodded. Then he sat up slowly, his eyes narrowing. “Justin. I know that name.”

Oh. Shit.

“He’s the Banner cop I’m working with.”

“No. That’s not why I know it, Kit.”

I stared at his back. The black ink from his tattoo spilled over the top edge of his left shoulder and I could see it shifting, rippling. Muscles flexed under the smooth surface of his skin and I could see the wild heat of his energy hovering above him. Mad. He was mad. Oh, yes.

“Who is Justin, Kit?”

I leaned back against the headboard and drew my knees to my chest. “I used to see him for a while.”

The muscles in his back knotted tighter. “Find another Banner cop to work with.”

“Not an option, Damon.” I blew out a careful breath and swallowed past the knot that had decided to lodge itself in my throat. “This isn’t a thing for you to worry about—”

He went from sitting on the edge of the bed to crouched over my knees so fast, I never even saw it coming. I was good. I was fast. I thought I knew how fast he was…and I was wrong.

“Don’t tell me what’s a thing for me to worry about,” he whispered, his voice just barely human now. “I told you that I’d try harder, but I never said I’d hold it together while you worked with some guy you used to fuck.”

“Stop it,” I warned him softly even as a forgotten fear tried to wing itself to life inside. I wasn’t going to be afraid and I wasn’t going to do this. Lifting a hand, I touched his cheek. He tensed like he might move away and if he had, I might have shattered. He didn’t though and I managed to keep that part of me from dying. “If I had a choice in this, I wouldn’t work with him. I don’t want this job and if I had my way, I’d bury my blade so far up his ass, I’d see the end of it out his throat.”

“Then do it,” he snarled. “I’ll help you bury the body.”

“I can’t.” If I do, they’re going to kill you…

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