So I’ve been trying to get my facebook friends to vote for the Lakota Children’s Enrichment Program in the Chase Community Giving project.  I promised them if we could help get the Lakota Children to 300 votes, I’d post the cover for Night Blade this week.

Which happened, so I posted the cover there… now I’ll here.

Now it’s time for the bribe.

The Lakota Children’s Enrichment Program works to do things like provide coats and boots for kids on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  I’ve been aware of this group for a while and I’m very much in awe of it.  I’d like more people to be aware, and I’d love for you to vote for the group, if you’re on Facebook.  You can also vote if you’re a Chase Card member.

If you vote and help get this group onto the leaderboard, I’ll post a nice fat excerpt from one of my upcoming books (majority rules)…those books are

  • Night Blade
  • Beautiful Scars (contemporary erotic romance with some minor BDSM/kink elements) (a Shiloh Walker book)
  • The Protected (a Shiloh Walker book)
  • The Reunited (a Shiloh Walker book)
  • Wrecked (a Shiloh Walker book)

I’ve been talking about this a lot on my Facebook page and probably driving people nuts, but I’m a sucker for kids, and these kids are…well, ignored by many.  It’s not intentional, but the plight of many Native kids is just something a lot of people aren’t aware of.

From the Lakota Kids Blog:

The Bison in the Living Room: Why Isn’t The UN’s Report Front Page News?

an excerpt from a letter written by a student

“Life here is very hand to mouth. Out here, we don’t have the finer things. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. And I’m going to be honest with you, sometimes I don’t eat. I’ve never told anyone this before, not even my mom, but I don’t eat sometimes because I feel bad about making my mom buy food that I know is expensive. And you know what? Life is hard enough for my mom, so I will probably never tell her. My parents have enough to worry about. I do not know what you can do, but try your very best to help us. Please help us. We can do this. Yes we can!”

Times are rough for a lot of people, but for those who live on reservations, it’s even more so. I know a lot of people are strapped for cash, strapped for a lot of things…but this is one simple way to make a difference.  A vote on Facebook takes a few minutes.  Yes, it’s allowing an app to work, but you can always revoke access once the thing is done.  It’s easy way to help.

for more ways to help out the kids on the Pine Ridge reservation, you can visit the Lakota Kids blog.