This is completely unedited.  Just be warned.  Looking at a release date in early 2013.

“What did you just say, bitch?”

“Damn it, Sam, be quiet.”  That came from the only other woman in there—the little bobcat.  If she’d been in catform, all her fur would standing on it.

“Ella, shut up,” Sam snarled, still not taking her eyes off me.  I smiled at her and blew her a kiss.

That did it.

She lunged for me.

It was the smart-ass things that had done Damon in, too.  Muscles pulled and screamed at me as I moved, springing into a crouch onto the couch and then jumping backward right before she would have grabbed me.

Somebody shouted at her but Damon snarled.

Everybody but Sam and I froze.

I figured he wasn’t directing it at me.  He knew I didn’t respond to the growling—he’d have to physically stop me to keep me from a stupid course of action and since he hadn’t—

I gave into the tribal beat of drums right as Sam’s bones started to shift. Damn.  She must be young if she was letting herself do that now.  In the middle of a fight, it was a waste of energy. Either do it before or wait until you had no choice.

My bow was in my hand before she finished her shift and I sighted, released.

Her pained scream ripped through the room and her shift froze and I had the disconcerting pleasure to watch as she went from nearly a full shift back into human, bit by excruciating bit.

I’d used silver.

And I’d shot her right through the throat.

Again, everybody but Damon was glaring at me.

Chang’s eyes were a little surprised and I shrugged.  “I didn’t shoot her heart. She’ll heal once the arrow is out,” I said, still holding onto my bow.

Buxton was holding her upright, careful not to dislodge the arrow.

The woman—Ella?  Yeah, it was Ella looked at me like she’d like to just run away and hide.

“Ella, get it out,” Damon said, his voice still level.

As he came off the couch, I ran a hand down the carved surface of my bow.  Her drums beat in the back of my mind and the sound of them soothed me.  Listening to that beat as he shot me a look, I held still as he turned his head.

All he did was smile a little.