We haz pretteh cover now… by Angela Waters Art... she rocks, yes?

Okay, here’s the deal on Blade Song. I’m self publishing it. People are asking why it’s not up on Amazon/BN and that’s why.

These places typically don’t allow self-pubbed titles up for pre-orders so I have no way to get it up on those sites.  It will go up once it’s ready for sale.

Sale date… planning on 8/1.  The book is done, but I’m getting some reviews and waiting on one or two other things.

I do not know if I’ll get this title into print or not, but if I do, it will probably be a little after the epub release date.

I plan on having the title up at Smashwords, Amazon, BN, ARe, Sony, Kobo, etc.  I’m using a different distributor this time and will hopefully have it out to even more places, but it’s a learning process.

Okay.  There.  I think I covered all the Qs coming at me on twitter.